About us

Based in Dublin, Ireland, Dream Weddings Ltd is led by a team of highly experienced digital media, editorial, marketing, finance, game and fashion experts. Our mission is to make wedding planning more fun by combining beautiful inspiration, practical information and entertainment in one brand.

Although the idea of online wedding listings is not a new one, we met many vendors who were frustrated by a ‘directory’ approach and felt that brides-to-be weren’t engaging with their businesses in a new era of ultra-modern media. The idea of attracting customers through a combination of an editorial website, a mobile app and a free-to-play social game came to us like a bolt of lightning, and it was so strong that we immediately started to pull a business plan into place and talk to potential partners.

Dream Weddings Ltd met with Digital Capital for the first time in 2012, and within fifteen minutes the partners had not just grasped the concept, but were so excited they immediately committed to engage in the gruelling and lengthy process of due diligence. Alongside our in-house team, we have accelerated our business by securing the services of some exceptional agencies and development teams who have tremendous track records with some of the world’s leading game publishers and fashion houses.

Today we have a business that is well placed to revolutionize the current wedding market and provide real benefit to the hundreds of thousands of vendors struggling to get attention in a crowded space.

Faces from our team:

Angharad Williams, Editor
 - With over 10 years experience as a journalist, Angharad has written for titles including The Sunday Times, the Irish Independent and for the BBC online. As well as creating and editing content for the website, she is in charge of the huge Dreamwedding consumer social media output. Angharad has a soft spot for a mermaid gown and gorgeous wedding invitations.

Kane Caswell, IT, Community & Support Manager
 - Kane helps manage the internal and external workings of Dreamwedding and that everyones experience runs as it should! Whether taking care of co-workers or taking care of brides, he's here to help. He is also recently engaged and is currently planning his own Dreamwedding.

James Murphy, Senior Account Manager

Lori Bray, User Acquisition Manager

Elodie Bourry, Q.A. Co-ordinator