A Revolutionary Digital Marketing Solution
for the Wedding Industry

Brides dream of their perfect wedding – yet every dream is different. A wealth of amazing Wedding Vendors cater to her every desire: cake makers, dress designers, florists, jewelers, photographers and more! All these are an integral part of turning the Bride’s dreams into reality. With over thirty-five million weddings taking place around the world each year, reaching soon-to-be-Brides has always been a challenge. Addressing that challenge always seemed to be just out of reach – until now. We have created an exciting new media brand that connects wedding vendors and brides-to-be via a number of innovative digital platforms: Dreamwedding.

By using Dreamwedding, the fastest-growing network for brides and vendors, the Millennial generation of brides-to-be engage with media in an entirely different way to their predecessors - Generation-X and Baby Boomers. Millennials have grown up with the Internet, and have embraced social networking, gaming and digital media at a quantum rate. Through this transformation, they have rejected print and broadcast media just as quickly as the Baby Boomers had embraced it. The latest generation of brides-to-be are always online, engaged and choose to interact with media on their computer and mobile devices often; even during the relatively few moments they are watching TV.

We have taken advantage of this swing in media habits to create a new digital ecosystem for engaged women and wedding industry vendors – combining social media, gaming, mobile apps and an editorial website.

The global bridal market is conservatively estimated at more than $300 billion a year - yet the vast majority is spent with local businesses including cake makers, boutique dress designers, photographers, and venues. Dreamwedding’s geolocated approach connects wedding vendors and Millennial brides-to-be by enabling them to quickly discover preferred local vendors that match their requirements.

Our company is led by a team of highly experienced digital media, marketing, finance, game and fashion experts with a passion for making wedding planning more fun; utilizing social media and online gaming. We received funding from Digital Capital in 2012 and are part of the Digital Capital portfolio of companies.

Visit the Dreamwedding website at: http://www.dreamwedding.com


Taking online wedding planning to the next level

20 July 2014 · Money Plus · by Elaine O’Regan

Geo-targeting and interactive gam- ing technologies are at the heart of a new online wedding planning service for brides-to-be.

DreamWeddings.com had its beta launch last month, and 150 suppliers have since signed up to market their wares on the site, according to co-founder and chief creative officer Chris Klug.

Klug established Dream Weddings with co-founder Todd Tribell in January 2013, and the pair have secured funding of €5.5 million from Switzerland’s Digital Capital AG to launch the venture.

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Free digital marketing techniques with Dreamwedding.com

17 July 2014 · advertiser.ie

The next free seminar organised by Online Marketing in Galway will feature Aoife Kelly of Dublin-based Dreamwedding and Fergal Costello, of Touchwood.ie

The seminar will take place on Tuesday July 22 at 7pm in the Harbour Hotel.

Keynote speaker Aoife Kelly, who is the user acquisition manager for Dreamwedding, will explore how small businesses can use similar techniques to build relationships with their target audience and mould a brand personality.

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Revolutionary Digital Dreamwedding platform to showcase at Dallas Bridal Show

24 July 2014 · starlocalmedia.com

Dreamweddings Ltd will showcase its revolutionary social media platform, designed to better connect wedding vendors and brides-to-be, at the Dallas Bridal Show this month.

Using geo-targeting, Dreamwedding enables brides-to-be to find local vendors, compare services and costs and earn discounts for points earned in Dreamwedding’s free-to-play social media game. The game works together with the Dreamwedding.com online vendor directory and Dreamwedding’s iOS app.

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